CK360SL Photo Booth 39″5′ With Honeycomb box(YC Tech) support 4-5 people



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360 degrees shooting, records the best moments.Stage can support 200Kg-400Kg, around 4-5 people stand on the stage.

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360 Degree All-round Record Wonderful

360 degrees shooting, records the best moments. The stage can support 200Kg-400Kg, and around 4-5 people stand on the stage.

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Weddings & Private Events

Capture 360° of your private event and give your guests content they will remember. Chacktok’s software will allow guests to upload to their social media using any hashtag they want!

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✅ Free Slow-motion ios app and Android APP (Unlimited Events ) 4 Months
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✅ Free 3 Years Warranty on damaged parts
✅ Free assembly assistance (Tele assistance)
✅ Quality design and materials
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360° Automatic Spin APP/REMOTER CONTROL

4 in 1 remote controller and Emergency STOP controller. 2 Remotes:replacement wireless remote used for 360 booths, Including ON/OFF, acceleration, deceleration, and reverse rotation.

Chacktok 360 photo booths allow Chacktok app to start and stop the arm as well as control the speed and direction via Bluetooth.

Whether it is live streaming, shooting panoramic photos, Vlog or DIY video creation, the 360 photo booth will bring infinite creative inspiration and shooting convenience.

APP/Button remote control the 360 booth machine. If the button remote control fails, the APP remote control can be used as a backup solution.

With ChackTok App help, your 360 photo booth business will fly

Who wants to buy/rent a photo booth? everyone!
definitely worth the investment

Happily, the age of the smartphone selfie hasn't dampened consumer interest in photo booth photos. A rising tide lifts all boats, and people are more eager than ever for photo opportunities. The global photo booth market is expected to grow 12% annually over five years, with revenue growing from $360 million in 2020 to an estimated $582.9 million in 2026, according to a report.

Life Events: Engagement party, wedding, bridal shower, christening, bar mitzvah, birthday party, baby shower, gender reveal party, family reunion, prom, bar mitzvah, sweet 16th-anniversary party, wedding anniversary, vow renewal, holiday party.

Corporate Events: Retreats, Team Building Events, Seminars, Promotions, Fundraisers, Experiential Marketing, Office Parties, Product Launches, Grand Openings, Trade Shows, Conferences, Celebrations, Brand Activations, Experiential Marketing.

Community events: street fairs, sporting events, recitals, concerts, pub quiz nights, school events, and open houses.

Widely Uses

  • Weddings – Brides & grooms use the 360 photo booths for guests to take at their weddings.
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – Parents use 360 photo booths to capture good memories and provide souvenirs for attendees.
  • Anniversary Parties – Couples celebrate their anniversary by using a 360 photo booth and having their anniversary printed on the strip.
  • Company Parties & Holiday Parties – Company or holiday parties are festive by using a 360 photo booth, be sure to have appropriately themed templates, backdrop and props!
  • Corporate Events & Brand Activations – Companies use the 360 photo booths to create custom photo experiences for attendees of concerts, festivals, store openings, and other large scale events. The photos get shared on social media to expand the brands reach.


Hardware or software questions? No need to worry, we got you covered.

With any 360 platform or photo booth purchase our highly trained staff will guide you on operating your photo booth.

Once you receive your photo booth, schedule a remote training session with one of our friendly staff.

What's in the Box

  • MWE360SL Series 360 Photo Booth

    × 1
  • LED Strip Strip

    × 1
  • Ring Light

    × 1
  • Fixed Screw

    × 2
  • Foot Parts

    × 8
  • Trolley

    × 1
  • Adapter

    × 1
  • Metal Bracket

    × 1
  • Angle Adjuster

    × 1
  • 5V Adapter(for LED Strip)

    × 1
  • Bolt Driver

    × 1
  • M6 Screw

    × 16
  • Remote Controller

    × 2
  • LED Strip Remote Controller

    × 1
  • Selfie Telescopic Rod

    × 1
  • Universal Holder

    × 1
  • Phone Holder

    × 2
  • Phone Holder

    × 2
  • Trolley Wheel

    × 4
  • Screw Drivers

    × 1
  • Portable Bag

    × 1
  • Remote Shooting

    × 1
  • Accessories Handbag

    × 1
  • Mask

    × 1
  • LOGO Sticker

    × 1
  • Guide book

    × 1
  • Guide book

    × 1
  • Guide book

    × 1
  • Pad Holder

    × 1


Additional information










DC 24V





Maximum Speed

24 RPM

Our 360 Photo booth does not include iPhone or any electronic equipment. Recommended parts are available on our Accessories List.

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