Motor Controller

Controller box and the remote controller. Control the motor running process.


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There are several other parts and accessories that are essential for the operation of a 360 photo booth. Here are some examples:

  1. Bags: A carrying bag is essential for transporting the 360 photo booth to different locations. A durable and well-designed bag can protect the booth and its components during transit.

  2. Battery and power supply: The photo booth will require a reliable power source to operate. A high-capacity battery or a power supply unit will ensure that the booth remains powered for extended periods, even in areas without electrical outlets.

  3. Components: The components of the 360 photo booth include the camera, lighting, backdrops, props, and other accessories. These must all be high-quality and well-maintained to ensure the best possible user experience.

  4. Controller: The controller is the brain of the 360 photo booth. It manages the camera, lighting, and other components to ensure that everything is working together seamlessly.

  5. Electric motor: The electric motor powers the rotation of the booth, allowing the camera to capture a complete 360-degree view. It must be powerful enough to handle the weight of the booth and any accessories.

  6. Lamp: The lamp is an essential component of the lighting system. It must provide enough illumination to capture high-quality photos and videos.

  7. Mobile accessories: Mobile accessories such as mobile holders can allow users to control and manage the 360 photo booth using their smartphones.

  8. Packing cases: Packing cases are designed to protect the components of the photo booth during transit. They should be sturdy and well-designed to prevent damage to the booth during transport.

In conclusion, the accessories, bags, batteries, power supplies, components, controller, electric motor, lamp, mobile accessories, and packing cases are all essential components of a 360 photo booth. High-quality and well-maintained components and accessories are key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for users.