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After purchase, your APP service time will be automatically extended. 360-degree panoramic photo software VIP trial. To create the most shocking 360-degree panoramic photo experience, start here! Free 1G cloud space, no watermark

Interoperability between application accounts and website accounts. 

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1. Free 1G space, no watermark. Used to save videos to cloud space 2. Can create unlimited activities, upload works to cloud space, and automatically share video links to customers

Up to 8 devices at the same time


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We Provide 60 days Return Policy, Please Check More About Our Refund and Returns Policy

360 Degree Photo Booth Software Chacktok VIP Trial Version

Creating the most mind-blowing 360 photo booth experiences, start right here!

You only need one account, it can be used in both IOS and Android systems.

What VIP members get:1. Free 1G space, no watermark. Used to save the video to cloud space 2. You can create unlimited activities, upload works to cloud space, and automatically share video links with customers

What is the difference between VIP users and star users?

Create your first event QR code with CHACKTOK 360 PHOTO BOOTH software



Our list of supported 360 photo booth brands via the Chacktok controller also supports our own brand CK 360 series.

If you use another 360 photo booth brand, you can still use the Chacktok app, for example to create events, but you will need to use the machine's remote control to move the photo booth.
If you really want to use Chacktok controller in APP, then first make sure your 360 photo booth motor is 24V, then you need to buy360 photo booth controller and Motor remote control to DIY

If you are a Chacktok VIP user now , we will work with our marketing team to help you find 360 degree booking customers, save money with our free search advertising consultant service for 3 months - limited time event

You can create a rental price package like below for us to run search ads (so customers can book with you)

We sell more than machines or software, we sell real business systems that work, and that's why you should choose us.


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