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Selfie support rod. Holding the phones, ring light and other accessories.

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Our selfie support rod online helps you make the most of your smartphone’s camera

While capturing the perfect picture can be a challenge, most smartphones can be a bit troublesome when you’re trying to capture a flawless selfie. A selfie support rod works by clipping onto your phone and extending it to make your selfies easier to take and widen their perspective.

So, buy our selfie support rod and get a clearer picture of the background landscape for your self-portrait or include your entire group of friends in the shot. Our rod is designed to help you catch the best angle and lighting every time you capture a photo. Besides the phone, it can also hold ring lights and other accessories!

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Basic Parameters

  • Weight


High Light

  • Compatible Devices


  • Footprint Range

    8' – 16’

  • Stabilization Tech

    Decoupled Stabilization

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