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ChackTok is a real-time media artworks creation and processing software for 360 Photo Booth. You can use ChackTok to shoot some special-effect preprocessed videos, GIFs, photos and edit them with special-effect after. ChackTok can connect 360 Photo Booth with Bluetooth.

Control the 360 Photo Booth from your phone or pad while creating your media artworks. ChackTok also has the function of creating event parties, allowing participants use ChackTok to create event artworks and share their artworks in event gallery. ChackTok can also share its artworks to other social apps, make the creation and sharing of artwork more convenient.

In case of the high storage space occupied by media artworks such, ChackTok also provides cloud storage service to keep the best artworks all the time.

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ChackTok Video Guidance

1.How to Get the 360 Photo Booth Bluetooth Connected with Phone

2.How to connect 360 photo booth with ChackTok?(step by step)

3.How to register your account on ChackTok?(step by step)

4. Artworks Creation using ChackTok (step by step)

5.Artworks Edit&Save

6.Device Binding

7.How to get ChackTok binding with device number for free usage time?(step by step)

8.How to create Party Event with ChackTok APP vip member?

9.How to set up a party event?(step by step)

10.How to create Share Station Event?

11.How to set up a share station event?(step by step)

12.How to create Auto Station Event with ChackTok APP?

13.How to set up a auto station event?(step by step)

14.How to upload your backgroud music?(step by step)

15.How to use Gopro(wireless&wired) and extend TV screen(wireless&wired)?(step by step)

360 Photo Booth Maintenance Video Guidance

1.LED Strip Light Installation and Cutting

2.Wiring on The Motor Controller Connector

3.Motor Replace

4.Foot Cup Installation

5.The Motor Controller by A Flat Screw Driver

6.Squeeze The Bubbles Out of The Sticker

7.Replace Battery of The Remote Controller-ChackTok 360 photo booth Remote Controller battery replace

8.Pairing of The Remote Controller and The Motor Controller by Clicking Buttons on Remote Controller

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After sales supporting of 360 photo booth product and ChackTok App
Customer Service :
WhatsApp or Phone Call: +8618123978547
We will reply you within 12 hours.

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